Thermo Body Mask Slimming, 370 ml

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    Give yourself the pleasure of a home spa… Try Natura Siberica Thermo Body Mask! It will not only assist in losing unnecessary wait, but restore skin's elasticity and firmness.
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    Thermo Body Mask


    • Highly active wild harvested Siberian herbs

    • Cutting-edge formula with maximum content of botanical ingredients

    • Product formulated WITHOUT : Parabens, SLS, SLES, PEG, Silicones, Synthetic Dyes, Glycols, Mineral Oils

    The SAUNA & SPA line is designed specifically for skin care and hair care in the sauna, when due to an increase in temperature,
    the skin begins to actively «breathe», increasing its sensitivity and permeability, dilating and cleansing pores, and actively
    stimulating the metabolism. Natural active ingredients contained in each product of SAUNA & SPA most fully reveal their
    potential, and essential oils have an additive effect through aromatherapy.

    Give yourself the pleasure of a home spa...Try Natura Siberica Thermo Body Mask! It will not only assist in losing unnecessary
    wait, but restore skin's elasticity and firmness.

    Amaranth Oil contains poly-unsaturated fatty acids, microelements, vitamins, amino-acids, all of which have powerful skin
    rejuvenating effects. These nutrients saturate skin with oxygen, protect it from the formation of free radicals, strongly boost
    immunity, restore skin structure, and stimulate regeneration processes.

    Volcanic Clay is extremely rich in silica and magnesium, helps detoxify skin, visibly reduces wrinkles, calms skin, enhances its
    elasticity, and purifies the skin by absorbing impurities.

    Organic Juniper extract contains resins, organic acids, colorants, and is very rich in vitamin C. All of these actively restore
    skin structure, making it firm and elastic.

    Organic Sage extract provides anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects, while simultaneously restoring the beautiful, natural
    look of healthy skin.

    Altai Honey contains a full range of mineral salts, as well as vitamins А, С, Р, Н, Е, К and B group, all of which facilitate
    drainage of liquids from tissues, moisturize, and firm skin – thereby activating collagen synthesis.


    Volume 370 ml

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