Royal Caviar (ex Absolut Beluga) Collagen Wrinkle Filler

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    The Beluga Caviar Polycollagen Wrinkle Filler is a line-filling formula for the face which provides a valid alternative to injectable fillers. As a result the appearance of lines and wrinkles is immediately minimized. Special light-reflecting particles visually smooth skin surface and improve the skin's complexion. The filler forms a net structure on the skin, thus maintaining and fortifying its suppleness.
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    ANTI-AGE, 40-45+

    Intensive anti-aging extract of black caviar BELUGA.
    The series Absolut Beluga Anti-Age act therapeutically against the signs of aging !
    Black Caviar is rich in proteins , amino acids and vitamins that are essential for good skin health . The D-Panthenol tightens pores , repairs the damage of the skin and improves the cell metabolism . Cluster of Omega -6 nourishes deeply, detoxifies and protects the skin , strengthens cell walls , enhances elasticity , tightens skin and reshaped the contours of the face and chin .
    The special hydrating agent MoistUp ydrolipidiki improves balance and restores skin elasticity.
    Also contains:
    Organic angelica, with powerful soothing and antibacterial properties , soothes skin and removes stress.
    spiraea, rich in vitamin C, acts as antiseptic and antioxidant . Refreshes the skin and evens tone making it appear and be healthy.
    Organic sage, which regulates the secretions of the skin and relieves irritation , disinfects and smoothes the skin . Greatly enhances their regenerative properties , reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin .
    RESULT : The Face Polycollagen Filler fills INSTANT wrinkles and fine lines . Special light- reflective particles make the skin look smoother and improve its coloring . Creates a " net" around the skin by strengthening it and keeping it soft .


    1. IT WORKS
    3. IT IS SAFE

    Directions: Any time you need, apply a small amount on cleansed face skin, paying special attention to the most visible wrinkles. Suitable for everyday use combating wrinkles and lines. This product is not recommended for use as a make-up base applied under foundation.

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