Cleansing Fluid, 200 ml

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    This Natura Siberica Gentle Cleansing Fluid for Dry and Sensitive skin is based on Rhodiola Rosea, Manchurian Aralia and Vitamin F. It removes make-up carefully and effectively, softens and moisturizes the skin.
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    Cleansing Fluid

    Based on Manchurian Aralia, Golden root and vitamin F, delicate cleansing fluid effectively and carefully removes make-up softening and moisturizing skin.

    Manchurian Aralia helps protect skin against climate exposure, boosts skin tone and energy.

    Golden Root  restores natural protective and regenerative skin functions.

    Vitamin F, a natural lipid, renews skin cells and make skin firm and supple. Suitable for everyday use as a main daily cleanser.

    Directions: Apply a small amount onto a cotton padand gently cleanse your face and neck.

    200 ml

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