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    Created in 2007 Natura Siberica offers you a comprehensive line of certified organic cosmetics and health & beauty products produced from wild harvested Siberian herbs and unique natural materials that enhance properties of all active ingredients. These herbs have been traditionally used by Siberians for countless years, and were made into elixirs of health and beauty for the Russian royal family. Their modern history began in the 1940s, when Russian botanists Lazarev and Brekhram investigated over 4,000 plants and herbs and finally identified twelve very special of them as adaptogens. These unique plants survived the Ice Age by adapting to one of the planet's most severe environments: Siberia. As a result, they possess rare qualities which help to enhance general well-being, and when used therapeutically, are renowned for slowing agieng processes of the skin.
    Due to its extreme conditions, Siberia offer the plants with unique health and beauty benefits which can hardly be found anywhere else in the world. To survive, Siberian herbs and plants synthesise highly protective active ingredients and have extraordinary antioxidant properties. We collect unique herbs in secluded places where they absorb maximum power and energy. The Siberian summer is short and intensive therefore plants are compelled to input all its power in to the short period of flowering. It is highly important to harvest herbs at the moment of the peak concentration of key elements for beauty and health. Therefore all wild herbs and plants are manually harvested for us by skilled local herb-crafters. That is why extracts which are used by Natura Siberica in production of cosmetics, are especially strong and effective.
    We use all these unique properties of Siberian plants to create cosmetics that will fulfil your skin with extraordinary vital power. We are happy to present to you genuine Siberian beauty products and would love to share the opportunity of lifting the lid off an ancient Siberian beauty secret.

    Discover the real power and beauty of Siberian wild nature
    In the very heart of the country there lies a magnificent land of Siberia. Real wild nature, fragile beauty shaking off severe frost. Siberian plants have always been striving for survival and therefore have powerful potential and vitality proper only to this region. High concentration of unique active substances have the properties of resilience, longevity and energy.
    Inspired by rare natural materials, Natura Siberica specialists have created skin potions from them. Thus we are always seeking the harmony of beauty and nature in our cosmetic treatments.
    For our cosmetic products we are constantly searching for new wild-growing herbs and plants with unique properties. Natura Siberica is the only company using biologically certified extracts from Siberian herbs and plants.
    We gather unique herbs in most reserved locations, where they have absorbed all the power and energy of wild nature. Siberian summer is shorter and harsh, that's why the plants have to accumulate all their power in the short blooming period. It is extremely important to harvest herbs at the moment of the highest concentration in them of the key beauty and health elements. This is the reason why all the wild herbs are gathered manually by local people. This practice makes extracts used by Natura Siberica in cosmetic products especially powerful and active.
    We highly value efforts of people who manually gather herbs and plants in order to help scarcely populated Siberian peoples both take care of their families and keep up with social standards and requirements of contemporary society. Choosing Natura Siberica cosmetics, you are also helping indigenous peoples of Siberia and their families as assist in preservation of the unique natural resources of our country.





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